Swim Head 3/0 Offset 2-pack

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Swim Head 3/0 Offset 2-pack

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Terminal Tackle

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A conical shaped jighead with a well thought trough design that easily moves between grass and vegetation. This makes Sz Swimhead a must have in your perch box. This version is rigged with an offset hook.

The link between head and hook gives your bait more life in the water and a more irregular action.

Lead-free, made of bismuth to make a low environmentally impact.

Available in six different weights, which gives you the opportunity to fish both shallow and deep, fast or slow.

5 grams - 3 pack
10 grams - 3 pack
15 grams - 3 pack
20 grams - 2 pack
25 grams - 2 pack
35 grams - 2 pack