NATC King Craw 4-pack Pumpkin Spice

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NATC King Craw 4-pack Pumpkin Spice

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Soft bait

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Ned and the creatures

A family of floating “creatures” designed for Ned rig with fantastic presentation and vibrations.
Also suitable for Neko rig, Carolina rig, Texas rig, Wacky rig, and traditional jig.
Made of floating, soft, durable, elastic and environmentally friendly TPE plastic.

FYI! Don´t mix these baits with your traditional jigs in your tacklebox.

King Craw - a small crayfish imitation that stands alert on the bottom with its claws up, waiting for the perch to strike. The claws keep the bait stable while their individual movement patterns create a lively and realistic movement pattern. The claws swim seductively on the drop and trembles easily when the bait is on the bottom. Works in all waters, but above all where the fish feeds of crustaceans.