McTail Original 94g Slow Sink C10 UV Burbut

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McTail Original 94g Slow Sink C10 UV Burbut

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Hard bait

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he Mighty McTail Original has secured victory in many pike tournaments and caught many trophy pikes and muskys.

It's easy to fish and with its uniqe darting, erratic, gliding, belly rolling, tail rippling side to side action it will get any predatory fish attention.

The McTail is a lure that can be tweaked in many different way's to suit your own personal fishing style.

It’s a great hybrid lure that’s very simple to modify, rig it with a Svartzonker BigTail and it becomes a juicy whopper for any big fish. You can also mount it with the Svartzonker Paddle and transform it to an eye-catching, rolling swimbait.

* Weight 94 g
* Body 13,5 cm / 5.3 inches
* Body with tail 26 cm / 10.2 inches
* Wide profile that moves a lot of water
* Stainless steel wire-through the bait
* Hand painted in super slick and unique color patterns
* Stainless steel tail screw for easy tail mounting
* Heavy duty stainless steel split rings
* Armed with super sharp 2/0 VMC original hooks