Snoken Landing Net Pike X-Large 85 x 80 cm

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Snoken Landing Net Pike X-Large 85 x 80 cm

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Svartzonker's net is made of aluminum with a one-piece frame and telescopic shaft.

Large solid frame with a straight front for safe nettings and a 90cm deep rubberized net with a flat bottom. The fish will always lie safely and securely under the water even if the boat you are fishing from has a high freeboard.
Micke "Snoken" Nilsson" has helped design this optimal and strong C&R pike net.

Maintenance advice – Lubricate the button lock and telescoping part with oil at regular intervals (ordinary reel oil is fine). Also check the screws in the aluminum lock from time to time.

• Frame size 85 x 80 cm with a 90 cm deep net. The shaft is 120 cm and in the fully extended position 202 cm.

Frame to shaft end is 205 cm and in fully extended position 287 cm.

• Rubberized net 90 cm deep for gentle handling of fish

• Aluminum frame 85 X 80 cm in one piece for extra strength

• Aluminum lock between shaft and frame

• Double button locking

• Telescopic shaft with rubberized handle for easy handling

• No details of plastic in the frame, only aluminum and stainless screws

Please Note: You need to order at least two pcs.