Giant McRubber 35cm - C16 UV Pearl Makrill

Category: Soft bait

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Giant McRubber 35cm - C16 UV Pearl Makrill

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Giant McRubber 35cm
Soft bait

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Giant McRubber is the largest in the McRubber family with its impressive 35 cm and 330 grams.

A great jig for sea fishing for halibut, cod and coalfish. Of course, it also suits pike, musky and trolling fishing.

It has a great swimming action that creates vibrations and moves a lot of water due to its oversized paddle.

For pike and musky fishing use our Musky stinger kit which fits perfectly. If you make your own rigs we recommend a hook size of 7/0 - 9/0.

For sea fishing adventures, use the Giant McRubber with a Deep Sea Mcrubber Head and SZ Deep Sea stinger.

Price: € 24,00