Deep Sea Stinger tackle 2-pack

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Deep Sea Stinger tackle 2-pack

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Stinger Tackle

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Svartzonker Deep Sea Stinger is the perfect stinger for the Deep Sea McRubber Head together with any type of McRubber or other lures.

It's designed for some of the hardest and heaviest predatory fish of the North. Easy to attach and very durable.

For extra attraction use Svartzonker's Spinner Rig.

- Armed with 5/0 VMC 8527 PS 4X strong chemical sharpend hook.
- 1,5 mm 220lb kevlar line
- Hand tied with shrink tube for a solid and clean presentation
- Oversized eyelet for easy attachment
- 9 cm kevlar line for perfect and adjutable fit.

Sold in 2-pack.